Dawn Brenengen

I have worn many different hats in the real estate business, and each one has given me a greater understanding of how real estate can make people’s financial dreams come true. It’s said the average networth of a homeowner is 30 times greater than of a renter (Federal Reserve Bulletin, June 2012), and I have seen that in action. I started off selling new homes in Lake Hogan Farms in Chapel Hill. I watched people’s homes appreciate in value before my eyes. Lake Hogan Farms sold out, and I started selling in Highcroft in Cary during the real estate boom of the mid 2000’s. People were buying $400k + homes there in cash from the equity gained from the sale of their West Coast homes. Something clicked in my young mind, and I knew real estate was the path to wealth.

I bought two investment properties with my parents in 2004, another on my own in 2006, and my last one in 2012. With three investment properties under my belt in 2010, I knew I was onto something. Everything had been going well with them, and I knew I could take my successful investment property philosophy and help other owners manage their properties. I started Trailwood Realty, and have been steadily increasing my client base through referrals. I’m proud to have made a good impression on my clients, and I’m happy to serve their investment needs.

I continued helping people buy and sell homes along with providing services to investors. I love closing day when a seller I’ve been working with is able to finally move on. Sometimes, it’s a buyer who is able to breathe a sigh of relief once the loan finally closes. Helping people find success in the many paths of real estate is my passion!

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