How I Plan on Having Bigger Pockets

bigger-pocketsI found a great resource a few months ago called Bigger Pockets.  They have podcasts and blogs that cover every topic of real estate investing under the sun.  However, I most recently joined their forums, and have been welcomed with open arms.  This is a great way to connect with investors in your local market.  It’s also a good way to meet other agents, property managers and lenders.

It’s very investment oriented.  This is not where you find the run of the mill, single family home buyer or seller.  These investors are looking for agents who really know their stuff!  It takes creativity and a deep understanding on what makes a particualr real estate investment a good deal before you will gain any credibility.  However, if this slice of real estate interests you like it does me, you’ll love the website and want to devour all the information you can.

The podcasts are available through iTunes, and I’ve been listening as I drive around town, exercise or clean the house.  Can’t get enough!  Are any of my fellow Rainmakers also active on Bigger Pockets?

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