Investor Fees

Our fee structure is simple –  1/2 months rent (as a fee) for finding a tenant and 8-10% of the monthly rent for property management, depending on the property and area.  You can choose to use both services or just one.

We offer higher than usual commission splits with agents who refer qualified tenants, at no additional cost to you. Our higher commission split has historically resulted in more agents referring their clients to us when they need to find a rental home.

In regards to maintenance issues and repairs. You must have money in reserves to cover both expected and unexpected expenses. We do not hold any of your money to pay for these expenses.  If agreed, we directly pay for repairs of less than $300. Those expenses will be deducted from the next month’s rent distribution. If an expense will be more than $300, we will notify you and coordinate payment between you and the vendor or subcontractor.